NEWS FROM RILE AND GALLANT ARTISTS!  – Joanne Rile Artists and MCM Arts have joined in an exciting new partnership.  Joanne Rile and Tom Gallant boast more than a total of 50 years in the business of growing careers and promoting the arts and artists.  Their new additions to the list for touring in the coming season include the Hanover Band with Monica Huggett, the innovative Lark Quartet,  the Deutsche Grammophon recording ensemble Spark and the Chang Mu Dance Company from Korea. Please take a look at our combined website for more information and news at

MCM Arts and Entertainment
P.O. 825 • Highland, NY 12528
Phone: 845-485-3414

Thomas P. Gallant

Audio: Cuarteto Latinoamericano - Astor Piazolla - Milonga del Angel with Cesar Olguin, bandoneon